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  • Conferenza GARR 2018



       GARR Conference is the annual meeting of users, operators and managers of the Italian national education and research network aimed at sharing experiences and comments on the use of the network as a tool for research, training and culture, in different contexts and disciplines.



Temi della conferenza    

Temi della conferenza    

The core themes of this editions are data, artificial intelligence and technology transfer both towards the enterprises and single persons. We will talk about open data and services, cybersecurity, industry 4.0 and its relations with research and innovation. We will discuss how education should be rethought in order to keep the pace with the continuous evolution of ICTs, also with the help of these very same technologies.   


Corsi di formazione   

Corsi di formazione   

On 1-2 October there will be several training opportunities for GARR user community. These courses span from classes dedicated to trainers (Moodle: how to manage a course e How to create and disseminate educational material online), to courses on Public Speaking, on cybersecurity (PenTest & Rooting) and on networking (Software Defined Network). For registrations to these training courses, go to the Learning GARR platform.    


Università di Cagliari

Dipartimento di Filologia, Letteratura e Linguistica

Aula magna Capitini Via Is Mirrionis, 09127 Cagliari, CA

Come arrivare

3 ottobre 2018

Silvio Barra

Università di Salerno

DEePER FLow: DEtection, Pose Estimation & Recognition based on Face Dynamics and Lips movement

Silvio Barra è nato nel 1985 e nel 2012 ha conseguito la Laurea cum laude in Informatica presso l'Università di Salerno. I suoi principali interessi di ricerca includono: biometria, segmentazione e riconoscimento dell'iride, rilevamento della testa in condizioni incontrollate, sistemi di videosorveglianza e monitoraggio.

Silvio Barra was born in 1985 and in 2012 he received the Laurea degree (cum laude) in Computer Science from the University of Salerno. his main research interests include: biometrics, iris segmentation and recognition, head detection in uncontrolled conditions, videosurveillance systems and tracking.


DEePER FLow: DEtection, Pose Estimation & Recognition based on Face Dynamics and Lips movement

Il progetto DEePER FLow analizza il volto e le sue dinamiche sotto un più moderno e futuristico punto di vista. Gli aspetti coinvolti nel progetto riguardano la detection del volto e delle altre biometrie facciali (orecchie, zone perioculari, …) per mezzo di un drone con guida automatica; quindi, uno step di best pose estimation permette la selezione del miglior campione di volto in una sequenza di immagini. Infine l’analisi delle caratteristiche delle dinamiche del volto per la subject recognition.

DEePER FLow: DEtection, Pose Estimation & Recognition based on Face Dynamics and Lips movement

The DEePER FLow project analyzes the face and its dynamics under a more modern and futuristic point of view. The aspects involved in the project concern the detection of the face and other facial biometries (ears, periocular areas, ...) by means of a drone with automatic guidance; therefore, a step of best pose estimation allows the selection of the best face sample in a sequence of images. Finally, the analysis of the characteristics of the facial dynamics for subject recognition.



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